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AP-72 Taiyaki Fish Waffle Maker | Small Fish Rotating Waffle Iron | 6 Fish-Shaped Cookies | 110V

by ALD Professional
Professional edition
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details:

HIGH CAPACITY: you do not need much time to bake six close-mouth taiyaki. They will be ready in a few minutes thus saving time for your customers

EASILY CLEANED: the coating of our product is 100% nonstick, so it takes almost no effort to clean the plates after baking

DURABLE AND RELIABLE: long-term operation, as well as high durability, are achieved by means of the material, which our product is made, namely, stainless steel

ENERGY SAVING: due to corrosion resistance, efficiency, and power-saving our product is the best option for commercial use

100% QUALITY IS GUARANTEED: we arrange a favorable customer service with flexible return conditions and a money-back guarantee

Friendly Return and Refund Policy

Small waffle iron to cook famous Japanese dessert

This rotating taiyaki maker cooks a batch of small fish-shaped cookies with dimensions of 1.7” x 2.7”. The square nonstick plates are cast iron with nonstick coating; stainless-steel solid construction is sturdy and ready to be used for business over the years.

Few reasons to choose this electric fish waffle maker

Rotating mechanism
Due to the 180-degree rotating feature, it becomes more convenient to spread the batter over the baking plates. Thus, six small waffles of fish shape are warmed evenly and obtain a beautiful golden-brown color. The plastic handle is bent and quite comfortable to grab and quickly rotate the plates.

Small size
The dimensions of this elegant taiyaki iron allow putting the device to any food point, even the tiny one. The machine needs little storage space when it is not in use. Beautiful stainless-steel construction looks good in any interior and requires minimum efforts for maintenance.

Look closely at the features of this machine!

  • ✪ MANUAL OPERATIONS: use control knobs on the front panel to set the timer and the level of heat
  • ✪ EVEN WARMING: the molds are highly conductive and get warm fast, allowing to cook a lot in a short time
  • ✪ SAFE TO USE: this device is fitted with a bent plastic handle protecting the employee from accidental burns and making the process of cooking comfortable
  • ✪ 180-DEGREE ROTATION: the rotating mechanism provides the easier dough distribution over the grates


  • model: AP-72
  • machine size: 14,96" x 11.22" x 9.65"
  • material: High-grade stainless steel
  • voltage: 110V
  • shipping weigh: 44.10 lbs
  • heating plate: Nonstick
  • control type: Manual
  • power kw amp : 1.8 kW (16.4 Amp)
  • productivity: 6 Close-Mouth Fish Shaped Waffles

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