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A-FCSA2-30 Alcohol Wine Distiller | Moonshine Still | Copper Tube | 8 Gallon 30L | Stainless Steel

by GorillaRock
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details

HIGH CAPACITY: the device capacity is 30L, which is convenient for distilling big amounts

EASILY HEATED: the pot can be heated by different heating sources like stove or induction cooker

FULL WINE MAKING KIT: the device is equipped with all the details needed for distillation

SIMPLE OPERATIONS: this distiller is perfect for both inexperienced and expert distillers

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Friendly Return and Refund Policy

A brewing kit with large capacity

Large capacity of this brewing kit allows to distill up to 30 liters of liquid materials to make drinks or other substances like essential oils. Cooling worm pipe is red-copper, which is non-toxic and food-grade material.

Consider the advantages of this moonshine still!

Both for professionals and beginners
Easy operational processes make this distilling device suitable not only for professional brewers but for beginners as well. Given the high capacity of the bucket, it is possible to brew large amounts, increasing turnover. 

High-quality materials
This wine distilling set is entirely made of non-toxic materials, which can be used with food. The bucket with the thickened bottom is stainless-steel, the cooling tube is made of red copper, water circulation pipes are silicon. 

Multipurpose usage
The device is versatile and can be utilized for different purposes, including essential oils and plant extracts production. The distiller is suitable for fermenting liquor, wine, whiskey, and other substances.

Look closer at this distiller!

  • ✪ TEMPERATURE CONTROL: the thermometer with two scales comes together with the distiller

  • ✪ STRONG CLAMPS: four stainless-steel clips ensure tight sealing, and can be then opened smoothly

  • ✪ NO AIR INSIDE: an airlock ensures one-way Co2 evacuation and prevents air from getting into the bucket

  • ✪ MULTI-USAGE: the device is applicable for distilling alcohol, producing essential oils, and other substances


Model: A-FCSA2-30
Capacity: 8 GAL (30L)
Boiler Barrel: 15.0" x 15.6 (381*396 mm)
Condenser Keg: 7.9" x 5" (200*130 mm)
Material: Stainless steel+red copper

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