Professional edition

AP-200 Taiyaki Maker | Fish Shaped Waffles Iron | 1 Big Open-Mouth Fish Ice Cream Cone | 110V

by ALDKitchen
US, Canada, Plug (B)

✪ COMMERCIAL USE – crispy waffles shaped as an open-mouth fish are suitable for café, party or any home celebration

✪ RELIABLE - Increased steel thickness which makes the device more reliable and allows to serve longer

✪ EFFICIENT – power saving and corrosion resistant construction perfectly suits for any type of business

✪ USER-FRIENDLY: Manual type thermostat and alarm reminder make this machine as simple to use even for children

✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY – great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Handy Open-Mouth Fish Formed Waffle Iron

Try the taiyaki waffle machine, made for making pretty fishy formed waffles. This upper-grade device is becoming exceedingly worldwide known thanks to its high efficacy and stunning productions. Baking appetizing waffles filled with gelato, jelly, or sorbet with a self-dependent temperature, controlling never became so easy!

Professional Waffle Maker with Non-stick Baking Molds

Commercially ready for using 
Produced with high-grade steel, this glorious taiyaki waffle iron with anti-corrosion structure will function for a number of years. It is absolutely ready for baking. Use it at your house, outdoor parties, or in your shop, café, buffet, etc. 

Crunchy mouth-watering bakery products in a moment 
Cook large, yummy, conical fish-formed taiyaki in 3 min. The Nonstick surface of the bakery tins precludes the product from scorching and provides smooth cleaning. The apparat is so convenient that even a kid can use it. 

Elegant styling 
The unsurpassed model comes with an effectual warmer, a small pre-designed orifice. It's easy to place the dough at the start of the bake processing. This taiyaki waffle maker will become a wonderful supplement for your kitchen!


  • ✪ HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL – the device is created of upper-quality stainless steel with strengthened thermostat

  • ✪ LONG TERM STRUCTURE – the pan is separated from the bottom side preventing interior elements from overheating

  • ✪ NONSTICK COVERING – baking tins are made of aluminum with Teflon coating, which makes it easy to keep the machine tidy and clean.

  • ✪ PORTABLE: durable tiny feet help to keep the table away from scrapes and allow the apparatus to easily be moved


- Model: AP-200
- Package size: 584*456*343 mm (23" х 18" х 13,5")
- Machine size: 530*380*280 mm (21" x 15" x 11")
- Material: Stainless steel
- Voltage: 110v 50-60Hz
- Power: 1.5kW
- Capacity: 1 Big Open-Mouth Fish Shaped Waffle Cone
- Shipping weight: 12,9 kg (28.5 lb)
- Machine weight: 12 kg (26.5 lb)