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Waffles on a stick are a treat that even adults can't resist! They're wet in a melted chocolate ganache that is filled with colorful candies, ice cream, fruit, and peanut butter and then sprinkled with mini marshmallows or m&m's.

In a nutshell, PopStick waffles are brownies on a stick (like a chupa-chups, only biscuit) covered in frosting. PopStick waffles look like doughnuts, but unlike them, they resemble a waffle hot dog on a stick. Herein lies the idea of creating a dessert - to enjoy your favorite dessert as if you were eating a PopStick.

What is the secret to the popularity of this culinary masterpiece?

1. All things on a stick are more delicious. The natural evolutionary process of all food is that it will ultimately get consumed through a stick.

2. Waffles on a Stick is an original and hearty snack. It is a good snack for those who like fast food for its taste, but some don't like it, because sometimes eating on the go is not comfortable. By buying waffles on a stick, the customer doesn't have to worry about getting his hands or clothes dirty. So, this design of the culinary product especially creates comfort.

3. PopStick waffles are also a perfect variation for catering events. Mini-production needs minimal equipment and utensils, so working at non-stationary outlets is quite mobile and comfortable.

4. It is especially comfortable for children, as the stick evokes associations with ice cream, and they happily eat their usual buns.

5. The "ON THE STICK" design is very comfortable for both eating and cooking. During cooking in the waffle maker as well as wrapping and presentation to the customer, the sticks hold the waffles very securely.

6. For many people, waffles on a stick can become a popular and instant food, but healthy food doesn't have to wait long to make them, so it's easy to hold and eat even when on the go.

7. This treat is perfect for take-out and on-the-go meal

Glaze and topping variations can be very different:

  • dried raspberries, 

  • pistachio nuts, 

  • melted peanut butter, 

  • white chocolate,

  • toasted almond flakes, 

  • coconut flakes, 

  • dried rose petals, and so on

You can experiment with different frostings and toppings, and you can serve the dessert either warm or cold.

PopStick waffles (a variant of "epic" waffles) are easy to eat and very trendy, and they're already a must-have for sweet snacks that are easy to make at home with a waffle maker. Just pour the batter into the designated slots, and in two minutes, the waffles will be ready. Insert the spit into the available holes on the grill, and the delicious waffles are ready to eat. Enjoy your meal!

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