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Everything new is well-forgotten old. Waffles on sticks have become like a hybrid of cake pops and classic Viennese waffles, becoming a trendy dessert, winning the love of sweet-tooths around the world.

The waffles on a stick are incredibly soft, with a filling and multi-layered topping, but at the same time, they don't require a fork and minimize the possibility of getting dirty. For a while, they became fast-food №1, surpassing even the freakshakes in popularity. Waffle culture is only gaining momentum in our country. So, we're rushing to share with you the most delicious topping recipes that will turn even boring classic waffles into bombastic!

Orange Zest Cream
Whipped cream waffles are a Belgian classic, so they're served in almost every café. Invariably served with berries or hot chocolate. However, not many people know that the delicate, creamy flavor goes perfectly with the tart, aromatic zest. Add a cap of whipped cream, some grated fresh orange peel, and a few chocolate drops to waffles on a stick, and the flavor explosion is guaranteed.

Dark chocolate and freeze-dried raspberries
When picking the king in the world of toppings, chocolate is sure to take first place. Because people have been eating chocolate and waffles for centuries, it's hard to innovate something new in this area, but we'll give it a try. You can get an interesting full flavor if you add some freeze-dried raspberries or other chopped dried berries to the bitter chocolate frosting.

Honey and nuts

Honey is unjustly behind in the topping race, so let's try to make its flavor a little richer and deeper. It's easy enough to achieve this by adding crushed salted peanuts to the sugary-sweet honey glaze. It's unusual, very bright, and ambiguous.

Salted Caramel
Salted caramel is over 40 years old already, but it still hasn't lost its position in cooking. As the traditional salted caramel sauce has become old-fashioned, you can modernize it a bit.
Use classic caramel as a topping and mix almond petals with salted Swedish flakes or coarse crystalline salt as a sprinkle. The flavor comes out bright, versatile, and very memorable.

Waffles on a Stick is not just a fancy new recipe. It's an entire philosophy and trend in cooking. Take a chance to turn your waffle business into a real empire of taste and appreciate our topping recipes with your customers.

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