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BUBBLE WAFFLES as a concept for FOOD-TRACK Business

The Bubble Waffle wave continues to gain popularity both among food-lovers and first-time entrepreneurs. Waffles with a wide variety of fillings are now available more often in the food-trucks’ menu. This is because bubble waffles are well suited for the food-trucks’ menu not only as a mono-product but also as a supplement to the dessert menu. Bubble waffle cooking equipment is relocatable – there are two types of equipment for food trucks:

1) An electric Bubble Waffle Iron powered by a generator (with 110V or 220V power)

2) Gas Bubble Waffle Machine (can also be used for catering in open spaces).

There may also be the need for a warmer to maintain the temperature of the ready-to-eat waffles, a mixer, and a tray for storing and cooling the fillings. Bubble tea is often offered as a drink, as it complements the “bubble” concept and works as an independent sales driver. All the equipment takes up little space, which is crucial for a small food truck kitchen.

The waffles production process is also not complicated. The cooking technology is very simple; the wafer cooking time is no more than 3 minutes. Bubble waffles can be either a dessert or a nutritious snack – everything depends on the filling. There are many variations of waffle filling. Such a universal product as a bubble waffle is an ideal menu option in terms of investment ratio and payback time.

Another advantage of the Bubble Waffle is its mouth-watering and presentable look. Clients love to share pictures of bubble wafers on social networks, which is a definite plus for marketing.

Thus, the Bubble Waffle is an excellent solution for the food truck business.