Chocolate Tempering Machine - the right temperature setting depends on the type of chocolate

Not every chocolate is suitable for decorating cakes, pastries or sweets. Many people have experienced the problem that the coating remains liquid even after refrigeration. It is all about tempering or recrystallizing the product.

Tempering is done under strict temperature control and makes it possible to produce a solid chocolate. The finished product will harden quickly, without producing a white discoloration. It is a very simple process that requires basic knowledge and experience.

Belgian, Swiss, or French chocolate is best for tempering. To create a coloured decoration, you can colour the mass with any fat-soluble food colouring before manipulating it. Do not mix low and high quality products due to the different cocoa and fat contents.

Temperature of chocolate tempering

The choice of tempering temperature varies depending on the chocolate:

Heated to

Cooled to

Heated to

Bittersweet and dark chocolate




Milk chocolate




White chocolate




Do not heat the mass any further, otherwise the whole cycle of manipulation will have to be repeated. When it has cooled down, maintain the desired temperature of the chocolate.

Special features of tempering

Tempering or consistent heating, cooling, and heating make the chocolate hard again. The mass solidifies easily on baked goods to form a beautiful, shiny, and firm layer.

You can make any dessert from recrystallized chocolate. It is easy to remove from the mold, is not prone to moisture, stays crunchy, and melts more slowly in the hands. Besides, you can make an openwork decoration of amazing beauty.

Each chocolate manufacturer will indicate the tempering temperature on the package depending on the percentage of cocoa butter and its production characteristics.

Tempering chocolate in a special machine helps you avoid errors and get the perfect product for decorating desserts or making sweets. When choosing, it is important to consider the capacity depending on the desired volume of chocolate. The electronic menu will make it much easier to control the temperature.

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