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1. National Doughnut Day History
Annually in the United States, on the 1st Friday in June, people celebrate National Doughnut Day by eating a doughnut and honoring the Salvation Army Lassies.

This feast originated with the international Salvation Army Lassies - these are two women, Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance, who treated American soldiers to doughnuts during World War I. These women headed to the front lines in Europe in 1917 to provide mental and emotional support to American soldiers. And these special doughnuts were first served by Salvation Army Lassies. The treats made by these courageous women boosted morale and won the hearts of many soldiers. They handed out homemade pastries and coffee and postage stamps for letters to their homeland. The women made over three hundred doughnuts in one day, which became a favorite treat throughout America. The Salvation Army decided in 1938 to hold a National Doughnut Day and a fundraiser for Chicago's Salvation Army to assist needy war veterans during the Great Depression.

2. Traditions of National Doughnut Day
National Doughnut Day is a national holiday, and its central idea is charity, namely fundraising for the starving and people in need. And over all these decades, doughnuts have become an edible symbol of America. For example, to imagine Americans' love for this delicacy, it is worth mentioning that approximately 10 billion doughnuts are produced in the country every year on average! On this memorable holiday, National doughnut day 2022, restaurants put out charity stamps, and by buying them, people can help those who are starving. Many restaurants in the U.S. treat customers to doughnuts absolutely free, or it is enough to buy any beverage to get a doughnut made from yeast dough with filling and a sprinkle of sugar on top of the crispy crust free of charge. And this is one of the few doughnut recipe options out there.

3. Variety of doughnuts
There is a wide variety of doughnut recipes, and the cook's imagination only limits them. Doughnuts are generally cooked in a deep fryer and immersed entirely in red-hot vegetable oil. They turn out golden brown with a crispy crust. A commercial doughnut machine can help the cook prepare these delicious doughnuts. It has the main advantage of high productivity, which allows getting 300-500 doughnuts per hour, with their quantity largely determined by the cooking technology and recipe. It makes the preparation of doughnuts very simple, and most

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