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It is well known that the best exotic dishes are cooked by individuals of Asian decent. The Japanese in particular are acknowledged as world-class experts. Not only are their meals delicious, but they are also as healthy as possible. They also organize food festivals, which can’t do without real cooking shows, using the Teppanyaki Grill.

Having just one Teppanyaki Grill in a restaurant will increase the number of regular visitors. Almost any dish can be prepared on the iron griddle and a variety of ingredients can be added to enhance the taste, but the ingredients are one thing. Most importantly, the mysterious cooking process takes place in front of the guest.

Special features of cooking grilled dishes

A visual show of cooking culinary delights begins with the oil. High-temperature oils such as ghee or refined oil are suitable for frying.

Meat, poultry, and fish must not be pierced before cooking. To preserve the nutritional value of the dish as much as possible, separate the pieces, put them individually in the grill, and lightly press them with tongs or with the blade of a knife until the juices appear. This little trick will help to retain juiciness and all the useful vitamins and minerals. 

Each piece should lie on the grill individually, not touching the others. Keep in mind that the steel plate gets hotter in the center than the sides. Food can be turned once it comes off the grill surface easily.

Useful to know! The thinner the food is cut, the quicker the roasting should be. Correspondingly, the cooking temperature is higher.

The key to success

Salt and spices can be added only after cooking when serving. Gourmets say that even raw unseasoned food has an incomparable taste. The grill preserves the natural aromas and flavours as if sealing them off from the inside.

Another important moment is that the food must be tasted immediately after cooking. It isn’t a coincidence that the Teppanyaki grill is placed next to the visitors.

The key to success: in order to ensure that the food is delicious and healthy, the freshness of the food must be exceptional. Guests enjoy the vibrant show of a unique masterpiece birth and immediately see the ingredients and appreciate the skill of the chef.

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