Bubble Waffles or Hong Kong Waffles are tasty snacks that became very popular nowadays. The cooking process of this dessert is very simple. For this reason, many cafés and restaurants add it to their menu. Buying a bubble waffle maker, the owners wonder how to cook with it and what the best recipe is to make the testiest waffles in their area.

There are thousands of bubble waffles recipes on the Internet and every of them have their own features. Some of them make waffles with toppings or syrups, while another serves it with ice cream. Every owner of a café should find the best one for his/herself.

To cook delicious waffles, we recommend the recipe that enables you to make crispy outside and soft inside bubble waffles. To cook 10 classical Hong Kong waffles, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

Eggs – 4

Sugar – 2.82 oz. (80 gr.)

Salt – 0.28 oz. (8 gr.)

Baking powder – 1.41 oz. (40 gr.)

Starch – 1.97 oz. (56 gr.)

Flour – 1.00 lb. (460 gr.)

Whole milk – 10.8 oz. (320 ml.)

Water – 13.5 oz. (400 ml.)

Margarine – 6.3 oz. (180 gr)

To start making dough for your tasty waffle, you need to preheat ¾ of water to the temperature of 110 °F (40 °C). Take a large bowl and add flour, salt, baking powder, and starch into it and mix it. After that, pour preheated water and stir it well. Add eggs and sugar into the bowl and stir in again. Continue stirring and pour milk, leftover water until it is smooth. Slowly, add melted margarine to the batter and stir it until it smooth.

After that you can start to make waffles. Plug in your waffle maker and preheat it to 180°C. Open a top cover and oil the cooking surface (use heat-proof brush). Pour your batter onto the lower mold and spread it evenly. Close the top cover and flip it, so the top cover became the lower one. Cook it around 3-4 minutes to make them gold colored. To make the best result don’t open the cover in the process of cooking.

When your waffle is ready take it away and make the shape, you need (roll it or make in the shape of a horn).

In case you would like to make vanilla or chocolate waffles, you can just add these ingredients to the batter.

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