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Waffles on a stick are very popular thanks to their beautiful shape, simple recipe, compactness, and availability of quality equipment that will make a tasty treat in 5 minutes.
There are many recipes for waffles on a stick. Let's look at what this dish is made with, what the most popular ingredients used are, and what kind of equipment this is used for.

Waffles on a Stick cooking variations

Sweet crispy waffles on a stick with an addition of ice cream, fruit, hot chocolate, peanut butter, and cream. You can make such a dessert with our Waffle Stick Maker - equipment designed to bake four waffles at a time in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Electric equipment - Waffle Stick Maker - is used to make waffle cones, both with sweet, meat, fish, and vegetable fillings. Thanks to this machine, you can make four large waffle cones in less than 5 minutes.

Airy square waffles on a stick you can make using the Square Waffle Iron equipment. You can make square waffles with sweet dough and serve them as a dessert or with salted dough as a side dish. The equipment bakes six waffles on a stick simultaneously, which takes 5 minutes to bake.

Corn dogs. It's a hot dog with a crispy waffle crust and a baked sausage inside. Corn dogs are made with Hot Dog Waffle Maker equipment. This equipment lets you make six hot dogs in waffles at a time. It is used for professional use, and its cooking speed allows it to produce large amounts of tasty and nourishing street food. Corn dogs are served with different kinds of sauces.

The Waffle on a Stick equipment can be used for both home and commercial use. The waffle makers are non-stick coated, easy to clean, and equipped with a dedicated timer, so you don't have to keep an eye on the cooking time. Waffle makers are made from durable stainless steel and will last for years.

You can use professional equipment to make sweet, salty, layered, airy waffles, and make great desserts and snacks. There are a wide variety of flavors and ways to make waffles on a stick. That's why even the most sophisticated gourmet will find a suitable waffle on a stick, among the hundreds of variations of waffle preparation.

Waffle on a Stick Makers See all 22 products
  • Voltage:

    AP-491 Waffle Stick Maker | Tree Waffles Maker | Stainless Steel with Manual Control | Nonstick | 4 PCS | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AP-492 Electric Stick Waffle Maker | Commercial Iron | 4 Pcs | Stainless Steel | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AP-502 Stick Waffle Maker | Christmas Tree Shape Waffle | Electric Waffle Maker | 4 Waffles | 110V

    Professional edition
  • Voltage:

    AP-503 Stick Waffle Maker | Christmas Tree Shape Waffle | Electric Waffle Maker | 6 waffles | 110V

    Professional edition