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Doughnut Collection

Everything you need for Donuts Cafe

AP-01 Donut Machine Commercial | Automatic Doughnut Maker | 3 Nozzles Set | Stainless Steel

by ALDKitchen

✪ HIGH EFFICIENCY: with its high operational speed, the machine produces about 850 – 1200 pcs/h

✪ STAINLESS STEEL: high-quality materials ensure long service life and reliability of the machine

✪ FULLY AUTOMATIC: such operations as forming, flipping and collecting the donuts are automatic

✪ THREE SIZES: the machine can produce donuts of three different diameters and various thicknesses

✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

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Donut Machines

Donut Machines

Soft, sweet, and delicious, doughnuts undoubtedly are a culinary masterpiece loved by millions. Glazed and sugar sprinkled, they immediately give you energy and cheer you up! Donuts perfectly complement a cup of coffee or a glass of milk, and they are cheap and easy to take away.

Professional equipment that we offer in our store is designed to produce a large number of fresh doughnuts to meet the needs of your business. Each machine comes with a set of nozzles to make doughnuts of different thicknesses. The operations are automatic, which saves your time and ensures high efficiency.